Scholarship Offers: When will I start receiving them?

FACT: Today’s Division I coaches want to complete their recruiting classes by summer’s end. 

And in case you aren’t sure which summer I’m referring to, it’s the one before your high school senior classes begin.

OK, coaches recruit early.  So what?

Well, how soon coaches begin offering you scholarships might actually depend on the “level” of Division I prospect they think you are.

Yes, for many Division I college coaches, there are four (4) levels, or tiers, of recruits and depending on which tier you fall under just might determine your time frame for receiving scholarship offers.

Here is a breakdown of the “four levels” of Division I prospects.

Level 1

You have already proven that you can play your position in college. You already have the size, speed, strength & grades to play at the major Division I level. You are a nationally-ranked ‘blue-chip’ prospect, and will likely find yourself among the ESPNU 150 Watch List with a high rating on  Level 1 Division I prospects can expect to begin receiving offers before Christmas of their junior year in high school.  

Level 2

You aren’t a "can't-miss" D1 prospect like Level 1 recruits, but you’re close. Coaches probably need to come by the school to see you practice in the fall or spring of your junior year before making an offer.  Level 2 Division I prospects can expect to begin receiving offers in April-June of their junior year in high school.

Level 3

You are on many college recruiting depth charts but not at the top of anyone’s list. College coaches may want to see you in their camp and spend some time with you before offering a scholarship.  Level 3 Division I prospects can expect to begin receiving offers by summer’s end following their junior year in high school.

Level 4

Coaches must evaluate you in your senior year before making an offer. You may lack the size or speed or skill to play your position at the Division I level, but the potential may be there, and coaches want to see senior-year video to determine your prospects of perhaps playing another position in college. Level 4 Division I prospects can expect to begin receiving offers after coaches have evaluated them in their senior year in high school.

If you are a high school junior without any scholarship offers yet, don’t panic.  You might be severely under the radar, and acquiring professional help to both market you and manage your college recruitment can mean the difference.

If you are a senior without any offers, still don’t panic.  Contact SAS today for a free phone consultation to see if there’s still time to open college doors.  


  1. How can I get Stephen Johnson rated. So far he has the fastest 40yd, and shuttle in the Nike combine, 2015 class. He is a QB,CB&WR. Here is his Hudl.

  2. How about those players who were injured and recovering from surgery in their Junior year.Unfortunately we will miss all showcases and most of the camps for the Junior year. Any recommendations?